Transcript 4/19/17 Kiki Mikkelsen
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Author:  BBTranscriptTeam [ Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Transcript 4/19/17 Kiki Mikkelsen

Kiki Mikkelsen
Brooklyn, N.Y.

While warning that they were no longer “suitable for consumption,” in 2015 a Beverly Hills auction house sold decades-old slices of royal what?
A: Wedding cake B: Deep dish pizza
C: Spinach quiche D: Banana bread

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A: Wedding cake

According to AskMen.com, “Go vertical” and “Keep it thin” are two “Rules for Wearing” what?
A: Bright colors B: Leather shoes
C: Stripes D: Colored contact lenses

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C: Stripes

According to Oxford professor David Thomas, before being collected into a single book, some passages of the Koran were written on what?
A: Pouches of kangaroos B: Shoulder blades of camels
C: Legs of grizzly bears D: Heads of penguins

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B: Shoulder blades of camels

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With many of them settling in Wisconsin and Minnesota, about one third of what country’s population moved to America between 1825 and 1925?
A: Russia B: France
C: Norway D: Greece

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C: Norway

Director Robert Zemeckis made “What Lies Beneath” while on break from what film, in order to give Tom Hanks time to lose weight and grow a beard?
A: A League of Their Own B: The Da Vinci Code
C: Apollo 13 D: Cast Away

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D: Cast Away

Recalling a recent event, what did President Reagan write in his diary on April 11, 1981?
A: “The Berlin Wall is no more.” B: “Just turned 75 years young.”
C: “Ollie North lied to Congress.” D: “Getting shot hurts.”

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D: “Getting shot hurts.”

Which classic video game’s theme song is based on the Russian folk song Korobeiniki?
A: Pac-Man B: Donkey Kong
C: Tetris D: Asteroids

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A: 18% B: 31% C: 41% D: 10%

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C: Tetris

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If you tell your doctor you’re allergic to eggs, he may avoid giving you which of the following because of a potentially bad reaction?
A: Flu shot B: Antibiotics
C: Birth control pills D: Sonogram

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A: Flu shot

Perhaps inspired by her daughter Honor, what actress co-founded the Honest Company to create eco-friendly baby products?
A: Jessica Alba B: Reese Witherspoon
C: Jennifer Garner D: Halle Berry

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A: Jessica Alba

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Because it reacts to the presence of harmful bacteria, the FDA tests some new pharmaceutical drugs with the blue blood of what creature?
A: Vampire bat B: Armadillo
C: Salamander D: Horseshoe crab

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D: Horseshoe crab

One of the world’s oldest conservation groups, England’s RSPB was founded in 1889 to stop women from wearing what?
A: Leather boots B: Ivory brooches
C: Fur coats D: Feathered hats

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D: Feathered hats

The horn
Kiki will be back on Thursday.

Author:  ghostjmf [ Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Transcript 4/19/17 Kiki Mikkelsen

10K: I've read a Russian guy designed Tetris, so go for Russian song.

30K: ATA

Author:  jarnon [ Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Transcript 4/19/17 Kiki Mikkelsen

This is a rare stack where I knew or guessed every answer at home. In the studio, I'd probably reach for a lifeline or walk away at some point. But if I was confident enough, I could be looking at the $500K question with all my lifelines.

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