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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 8:33 pm 
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Bryan Lord
McCordsville, IN

$500 :
Hair standing on end? According to Real Simple, you can remove static from your hair (and maybe make it smell nicer too) by rubbing it with what?
A: A dryer sheet B: A $2 bill
C: Your lucky horseshoe D: A cat in heat

[Reveal] Spoiler:
A: A dryer sheet

$1000 :
For those looking for answers, "What's in a true Singapore Sling?" and the difference between a "fix" and a "fizz" were topics covered in what book?
A: The Bhagavad Gita B: The Book of Mormon
C: The Bartender's Bible D: The Torah

[Reveal] Spoiler:
C: The Bartender's Bible

$2000 :
Fitting when you consider how it looks, which of the following is derived from the Greek words for "milky" and "circle"?
A: Lightning B: Galaxy
C: Tornado D: Rubik's Cube

[Reveal] Spoiler: ATA
A: 1% B: 79%
C: 17% D: 3%

Bryan said had a feeling on that since we are in the Milky Way

[Reveal] Spoiler:
B: Galaxy

Second break

Bryan said he may have coffee breath from his drinking it backstage

$3000 :
With a 2.8 rating on IMDB.com, what 1991 box office flop featured rapper Vanilla Ice recommending that a lady friend "Drop that zero and get with the hero!"?
A: Frozen B: Ice Age
C: Cool As Ice D: Citizen Kane

[Reveal] Spoiler:
C: Cool As Ice

$5000 :
Unless you have a falconry license, in the U.S. it's generally illegal to keep which of the following as a pet?
A: Owls B: Cockatoos
C: Pigeons D: Parrots

[Reveal] Spoiler: 50/50
50/50 left A and D

[Reveal] Spoiler:
A: Owls

$7000 :
Widely blamed on some destructive earthquakes, 2015 was the first year since 1974 in which no person did what?
A: Completed the Iditarod B: Went inside the Great Pyramids
C: Summited Mt. Everest D: Reached the South Pole

[Reveal] Spoiler: +1
Bryan answered C but did not make it final and instead brought his +1 buddy Kyle, who suggested he go with his gut

[Reveal] Spoiler:
C: Summited Mt. Everest

Last break

QotD: While "U.S." is often used in English, the common Spanish abbreviation for the United States is what?
A: FF. AA. B: AA. EE.
C: EE. UU. D: UU. FF.

[Reveal] Spoiler:
C: EE. UU.

$10K :
What writer of the poem "How Do I Love Thee?" was disowned for eloping by her domineering father, who insisted that none of his children marry?
A: Emily Dickinson B: Charlotte Bronte
C: Elizabeth Barrett Browning D: Mary Shelley

[Reveal] Spoiler:
Bryan had no idea and would take a total guess, A.

C: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Bryan left with $5000

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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 1:26 am 
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So far so good

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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 5:33 am 
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BBTranscriptTeam wrote:
Bryan Lord
McCordsville, IN

Nihil obstat®.

"Elen sila lumenn omentielvo...A star shines on the hour of our meeting."

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