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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:22 pm 
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(shown in the first slot on 1/2/19)

Glory Fagan
School librarian
Cameron, Mo.

For a brief period in late 1994, Tim Allen could boast of simultaneously having all but which of the following?
A: #1 movie at the box office B: #1 TV show in the Nielsen ratings
C: #1 book on NYT bestseller list D: #1 single on Billboard’s Latin charts

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D: #1 single on Billboard’s Latin charts

A member of the rummy family and one of the most popular card games of the 1950s, the game of canasta is won by the first side that does what?
A: Wins the Cold War B: Invents television
C: Reaches 5,000 points D: Sleeps with Elvis

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
C: Reaches 5,000 points

Which term can refer to a children’s book with 3-dimensional pages, a restaurant meant to be open only temporarily, or in baseball, an easily playable fly ball?
A: Pop-up B: Pop-in
C: Pop-down D: Pop-under

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
A: Pop-up

Now common in Italian cuisine, which of these was invented as recently as 1982 by Venetian bakers looking to compete with France’s popular baguette?
A: Ravioli B: Gnocchi
C: Ciabatta D: Gelato

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
C: Ciabatta

In a recent Vulture article, Charlie Kaufman, Robert Towne, William Goldman and Nora Ephron were listed among the top 10 what of all time?
A: Choreographers B: Screenwriters
C: Cinematographers D: Costume designers

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
B: Screenwriters

Which two states share a border with Washington, DC?
A: Delaware & Virginia B: Virginia & Maryland
C: Maryland & Pennsylvania D: Pennsylvania & New Jersey

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
B: Virginia & Maryland

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If you add the lowest possible roll of a pair of six-sided dice, plus the highest possible roll, plus the most likely roll, what’s the total?
A: 17 B: 19
C: 21 D: 23

[Reveal] Spoiler: ATA
A: 1% B: 17% C: 78% D: 4%
That’s what Glory was thinking.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
C: 21

Though still most famous for her previous job, in 1992 what British woman was appointed a life peerage in the House of Lords as the Baroness of Kesteven?
A: Margaret Thatcher B: Vanessa Redgrave
C: Jane Goodall D: Annie Lennox

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
A: Margaret Thatcher

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QotD (presented by KABC in Los Angeles)
Which of these classic cartoon characters is often shown wearing a collar and necktie but no shirt?
A: Yogi Bear B: Woody Woodpecker
C: Yosemite Sam D: Bullwinkle J. Moose

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
A: Yogi Bear

Symbolizing the origins of the Aztec empire, the Mexican flag features an eagle devouring a snake while perched on a what?
A: Pyramid B: Canoe
C: Cactus D: Spear

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
Glory answers A: Pyramid.
The correct answer is C: Cactus.
Glory wins $5,000.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:59 pm 
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BBTranscriptTeam wrote:
Glory Fagan
School librarian
Cameron, Mo.

Nihil obstat®.

"Elen sila lumenn omentielvo...A star shines on the hour of our meeting."

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