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 Post subject: Rap Godz
PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:03 am 
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Rap Godz is the name of a new board game that will hit the market in August 2019.

The reason why I'm even talking about a game that isn't technically available yet is because I received an email on Tuesday from the head designer, Omari Akil, that I am a finalist in his #MakeARapGod contest. A couple of weeks ago, Omari went around to solicit potential rapper names to add as playable characters for his game. I submitted "O.G. Russ Hood", as my full name is Bo Russell Bielefeldt and I almost always go by my middle name when I'm not on the internet. Long story short: O.G. Russ Hood was good enough to appear on Rap Godz's official ballot.

I've already been campaigning for votes on my Facebook and Instagram accounts yesterday, but today is the Bored's turn to get the political spiel. Here is the ballot:

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... Q/viewform

All you have to do is type your email address at the top, then click on the boxes next to O.G. Russ Hood and any two other names. Doesn't matter which other two. Just as long as your ballot has three total picks. Once you submit, you may be asked a CAPTCHA question to prove that you are not a robot. Oh, and only one ballot is allowed per email address. This isn't the NBA All-Star Game, where dickriders can stuff the virtual ballot boxes with LeBron James votes every 24 hours.

Voting closes on Monday at 9 PM Eastern.

What's in it for me, anyway? The grand prize is not a free copy of the game, as you might think. I'm already getting a free copy of the game because I was one of the game's backers on Kickstarter this past summer. The contest prizes are more special than that:

--a limited edition Rap Godz T-shirt
--complete artistic control over the design of my character
--an official listing in the credits of the game

And although it would really nice for O.G. Russ Hood to win the popular vote, it isn't nearly that important because the top 3 finishers will all be winners. So I don't have to be #1. I just have to be at least #3.

So go to the Rap Godz ballot now and vote for O.G. Russ Hood so that I can make board games grea... umm, no, I'm not going to use that phrase. Vote for O.G. Russ Hood so that we can make board games stron... no, that's not it, either. Vote for O.G. Russ Hood to bring the board game industry change that you can believe in. That's the winning message!

Now I'm going to put a special message at the end of this campaign to see how many people on the Bored will actually read this post, read this postscript, vote for O.G. Russ Hood, or even care about this thread at all. This board game contest is such a big deal that I would be willing to stop hosting games on the Bored and even leave the Bored permanently if it meant a career in the board game industry. I wouldn't have time to be on the Bored anyway if I had a real job in board games. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Given the opportunity, I would exchange internet games with people I will probably never meet face-to-face for an actual tangible game that must be played with real people sitting together in the same physical room... you know, the way that games used to be played before Al Gore supposedly invented that interwebs machine. I would make that exchange in a heartbeat. I swear on the soul of Gary Gygax that I will leave the Bored at the end of 2018 if O.G. Russ Hood wins this contest. So if you want me to leave all of you alone for good, then you will do you part and help put O.G. Russ Hood into the top three. But if you want me to stay and host new Bored games in 2019, then ignore this entire post. I repeat, THIS HIDDEN MESSAGE IS 100% REAL!

"... the baseless self-serving persecution foisted upon the Bored by Beast, Estonut, jarnon, Bob#s, and Weasel [in June]. Nonetheless, my life and this game go on as scheduled. Both my life and this game MUST go on, full speed, in direct defiance of the prejudice. Otherwise, the terrorists win."

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