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$500: Which of these is NOT a common thing people do to get hot soup to cool down before they eat it?
A - wait a few minutes
B - drop an ice cube in it
C - blow on it
D - FedEx it to Alaska and back
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Answer: D (FedEx it to Alaska and back)

$1000: Spoken by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant in 1876, the first words said over the telphone were, "Mr. Watson - come here -" what?
A - "You gotta watch this YouTube video!"
B - "I'm worried about this mole."
C - "I want to see you."
D - "Look at this sick tattoo I got!"
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Answer: C ("I want to see you.")

$2000: Which word can be combined with "Colors," "Squirrel" and "Buttress" to form familiar terms?
A - trying
B - flying
C - crying
D - denying
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Answer: B (flying)

$3000: New York and Paris have had them for years, but in 2018, with female-only audiences in attendance, what conservative country held its first-ever Fashion Week?
A - Sweden
B - Saudi Arabia
C - United Kingdom
D - Brazil
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Answer: B (Saudi Arabia)

$5000: Moose, the Jack Russell terrier who played the role of Eddie, is said to have gotten more fan mail than any of his human co-stars on what '90s sitcom?
A - Friends
B - Seinfeld
C - Frasier
D - Cheers

Ashok will have to ask the audience.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Ask the Audience results:
A - 2%
B - 12%
C - 83%
D - 3%

"Perfect!" says Ashok.
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Answer: C (Frasier)

$7000: Calling itself America's first solar-powered town, Babcock Ranch is located in which state that's also home to the Disney-planned community of Celebration?
A - California
B - Florida
C - Texas
D - Arizona

Ashok doesn't know so he calls his brother, his +1. He says Babcock Ranch makes him think of Texas, and Disney wouldn't put another city in Florida. Ashok doesn't think the 50:50 will help. He doesn't think it's California or Florida. He can't take it home with him so he uses his 50:50.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
"50:50 results": A & B

That didn't help a bit. Ashok's brother says "solar-powered" sounds like something in California.
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Answer: B (Florida)

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