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PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2019 4:58 pm 
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Jack Schuler
Des Moines, Iowa

Which of the following does NOT appear on LinkedIn’s recent list of the 10 most overused buzzwords in its users’ profiles?
A: Experienced B: Focused
C: Dimwitted D: Creative

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
C: Dimwitted

Realizing a collective effort by florists could expand their industry, in 1910 a man named Valentine (yes, Valentine) led a group of florists to create what delivery service?
A: FTD B: Pony Express
C: Domino’s D: Netflix

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer

Famous for their epic inactivity, what animals usually only climb down from trees once a week, for the sole purpose of going to the bathroom?
A: Eagles B: Sloths
C: Squirrels D: Gorillas

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
B: Sloths

Murchison, Olduvai, Columbia and Kali Gandaki are scenic examples of what geographic formation, whose name can also mean “to overeat”?
A: Gobble B: Gorge
C: Gulp D: Guzzle

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
B: Gorge

It’s Millionaire Math Time! The company that makes Grape Nuts cereal + the last name of bartender Sam on “Cheers” = what “Beerbongs & Bentleys” rapper?
A: Quaker Keaton B: Kashi Tanner
C: Post Malone D: General Mills Drummond

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
C: Post Malone

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Jack was a Marine and is now in the Army Reserve. In the 2016 election, he was the first transgender member of the Electoral College.

Awarded for winning the World Series, the Commissioner’s Trophy features 30 gold-plated what, representing the 30 Major League teams?
A: Stars B: Balls
C: Mitts D: Flags

[Reveal] Spoiler: 50/50
50/50 leaves mitts and flags. Jack says mitts makes the most sense.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
D: Flags
Jack wins $5,000.

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