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PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:05 pm 
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Monica Petersen
Mesa, AZ

$500: When cameras aren't allowed in a courtroom, TV news broadcasts commonly use what to show viewers what took place?
A - puppet show
B - improv troupe
C - child actors
D - artist's sketch
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Answer: D (artist's sketch)

$1000: Though it might seem like a nice gesture, Mindy Kaling says bringing what to a party is a slightly hostile act, as you have to drop everything and arrange them?
A - cut flowers
B - folding chairs
C - random pieces of silverware
D - bowling trophies
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Answer: A (cut flowers)

$2000: In 2017, Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research on what well-known body mechanism?
A - biological clock
B - biological scissors
C - biological lint brush
D - biological travel mug
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Answer: A (biological clock)

$3000: Set in the 1980s (like the famous TV show with Crockett and Tubbs), the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" is based on what U.S. metropolis?
A - Boise, ID
B - Miami, FL
C - Fargo, ND
D - Salt Lake City, UT
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Answer: B (Miami, FL)

$5000: Meaning "to the man," which of these Latin phrases refers to an argument where you ignore the facts and just attack your opponent's character?
A - ad nauseam
B - ad hominem
C - ad hoc
D - ad infinitum

Monica took Latin in high school but didn't learn anything; however she is an English major and could figure out the answer.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Answer: B (ad hominem)

$7000: Starring Molly Ringwald in the title role and Joey Bishop as her grandfather, what 1990 movie features a member of both the Brat Pack AND the Rat Pack?
A - A Fish Called Wanda
B - Betsy's Wedding
C - Curly Sue
D - Roxanne

Monica says she can rule one of them out but she wants to ask the audience.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Ask the Audience results:
A - 14%
B - 45%
C - 30%
D - 11%

She trusts the audience.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Answer: B (Betsy's Wedding)

commercial break

$10,000: Who's missing from this sequence of recent British Prime Ministers, listed in chronological order: John Major, Tony Blair, ______, David Cameron, Theresa May?
A - Boris Johnson
B - Stephen Harper
C - Malcom Turnbull
D - Gordon Brown

Monica says the only PMs she can think of are already up there. She decides to use her 50:50.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
"50:50 results": A & D

Neither of these helps her but she did have a guess, so this makes it a little easier.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Answer: D (Gordon Brown)

Monica relates a story about her mother and her planning to audition for the show together, but the mother passed away 3 weeks before the audition. Monica decided to go anyway to prove herself and got the call on her mother's birthday.

$20,000: While many believe he's buried near his birthplace on the island of Zanzibar, what music star's final resting place is still unknown to this day?
A - John Lennon
B - Jimi Hendrix
C - Tupac Shakur
D - Freddie Mercury

Monica has no idea what Zanzibar is, but her mother was a big Queen fan so she knows the answer.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Answer: D (Freddie Mercury)

$30,000: When spelled out in full, which of these pairs of computer terms have a word in common?
A - HTTP and PDF
B - GIF and JPEG
C - PDF and GIF
D - JPEG and IP address

Monica knows what HTTP stands for, she can't remember what PDF stands for; GIF and JPEG are picture files but she doesn't know what they stand for. She hopes her +1, her friend Courtney, can help her out. Courtney was shaking her head as she came down. She says that Monica has ruled out A and D. She thinks that PDF and GIF are the only ones with a letter in common; Monica says GIF and JPEG do also. Courtney says she's given Monica all the information she has. They discuss GIF and figure that it stands for "graphic image file" so Monica makes B her final answer.
[Reveal] Spoiler:
Answer: C (PDF and GIF)

commercial break

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:19 am 
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BBTranscriptTeam wrote:
Monica Petersen
Mesa, AZ

Nihil obstat®.

(IIRC the question she missed was about women's soccer - I couldn't find her previous appearance in the archives.)

"Elen sila lumenn omentielvo...A star shines on the hour of our meeting."

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