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Jimmy Macrina
Green Lane, Pa.

Inc.com’s list of “9 Exercises You Can Do in Your Office” includes all but which of the following?
A: Wall sits B: Chair dips
C: Naked hot yoga D: Leg lifts

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
C: Naked hot yoga

The Evil Queen in “Snow White” was clearly skilled in the art of catoptromancy, since that’s the practice of foretelling the future using what household item?
A: A stapler B: A mirror
C: A toaster D: A handheld vacuum

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
B: A mirror

Since 1911, the Iowa State Fair has honored the state’s farming heritage by displaying a famous what?
A: Cow made of butter B: Spider monkey made of spiders
C: Jellyfish made of petroleum jelly D: Moose made of mousse

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
A: Cow made of butter

Sounding a bit like an NFL player who plays in Miami, which of these was a title once bestowed upon the heir apparent to the French throne?
A: Cardinaux B: Géant
C: Packeur D: Dauphin

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
D: Dauphin

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Because it’s the impurities in water that carry a charge, which of these is not an effective conductor of electricity?
A: Salt water B: Tonic water
C: Distilled water D: Mineral water

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
C: Distilled water

What famous novel’s title comes from a character saying she thinks God gets mad “if you walk by” what “in a field somewhere and don’t notice it?”
A: The Wind in the Willows B: The Catcher in the Rye
C: The Color Purple D: The Grapes of Wrath

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
C: The Color Purple

If you’re a “Mac” enthusiast, you’ll probably know that the spelling of which of these names is NOT how the famous celebrity normally spells it?
A: Elle Macpherson B: Dylan MacDermott
C: Seth MacFarlane D: Shirley MacLaine

[Reveal] Spoiler: ATA
A: 12% B: 50% C: 20% D: 18%

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
B: Dylan MacDermott

Commercial break

Located fewer than 40 miles from Washington, D.C., which U.S. state capital is closest to our nation’s capital?
A: Annapolis B: Richmond
C: Charleston D: Dover

Jimmy narrows it down to Annapolis and Richmond. He has a strong feeling it’s Richmond.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Answer
A: Annapolis
Jimmy wins $5,000.

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